14th December 2018

Publish with us

Dear Practitioner,

You are reading this message because you wrote a book. You authored a manual or a guide which is up to the standards of your expertise. But, under the conditions that prevail the market today, you hesitate to publish. And yet, you know very well that bridging theory with practice, as you managed to do with your book, is something invaluable.

We are practitioners, like you, as you may see in our CVs. After hard efforts, after numerous hours that we sacrificed in research and in writing down our experiences, we authored a book. And we are proud for the result. But we faced the same difficulties, as you did, such as:

      Publishers not understanding what our book is about.

      Publishers not appreciating our hard efforts and the value of our book.

      Publishers not understanding the target market for our book.

      Quotations that were overpriced and costs that were un-bearable and un-recoverable.

      Unacceptable and sometimes humiliating terms and conditions.

As a result, we decided in October 2018 to establish the “Practitioners’ Book Avenue LLP”. Our own publishing company based in London UK. And we sincerely believe that our company may be your vehicle that will help you to achieve your target of publishing your practical experience. 

We do not seek profit just by publishing your book.  You will be asked to pay the same logical cost for editing, printing and or converting your book to e-book, that we managed to pay after hard negotiations. Thereafter, if you so wish, we can assist you in promoting your book through our web-site and through the web platforms such as: Amazon, eBay etc.  And we shall not demand that you purchase the copies that you personally need, of your own book. 

In fact, we can assist you to edit, print and publish under the name of a legitimate printing company and above all to sell. We wish your book to sell as many copies as possible. And at this point only, we shall seek a logical profit share that will derive from your income (not from your bank account). 

Terms and conditions will be discussed and agreed individually, as we believe that each case is unique and that our fellow practitioners are not numbers but real and distinct persons.

Consequently, we can consider a variety of co-operation models. We are flexible in discussing your logical proposals and eager in listening to what you may have in mind, without the intervention of a literary agent.

The following points, inter alia, should be clearly considered and discussed:

-Traditional Publication, or self-Publication

-Copyright, Publication Rights, Retained Rights, Duration

-License, territory

-Final text, artwork, typesetting

-Pre-press proof

-e-book/ Electronic formats

-Assignment of rights

-Termination of agreement

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or simply in order to Publish with Us.

We shall be delighted to know who you are by receiving from you an email with some information about your book (field, pages, target group etc).



                                                        T. Pagonis & N. Pentheroudakis