1st December 2018

Court Cases

CASE 1:“CZARNIKOW RIONDA SUGAR” v “STANDARD BANK LONDON  1999 (L/C, Fraud Exception, Injuction granted only if known to bank in time)

CASE 2:“HAMZEH MALAS” v “BRITISH IMEX INDUSTRIES” 1957 (L/C Autonomy, Absolute obligation of Banker to pay, irrespective of parties disputes)

CASE 3: Bayerische Vereinbank and Glencore International AG v. Bank of China 1996 (Original Documents)

CASE 4: “KREDIETBANK” Antwerp v “MIDLAND” Bank 1999 L/C, Bank Rejection for Original Insurance Policy.   & “CHENG JEN” 1996 Glencore International and BV v Bank of China.  L/C, Bank (Rejection for Document not marked “Original”)

CASE 5:”Longchamp” Mitsui & Co Ltd -v- Beteil. LPG Tankerflotte MBH & Co KG [2017] – (Piracy / Randsom)

CASE 6: ”B ATLANTIC”  2018  Navigators Insurance v Atlasnavios-Navegacao. (Smuggling without knowledge of Owner/Crew, Insurance cover)

CASE 7: “OCEAN VICTORY” 2013 Gard Marine v China National Chart. And Daiichi. (Unsafe Port, “Simultaneous Coincidence”, “Abnormal Occurrence”)

CASE 8: BUNGE VS TRADAX 1981 (N.O.R. Failure)

CASE 9: “HONG KONG FIR” 1962 Hong Kong Fir Shipping v Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha. (Two years T/C, 20 weeks Off-Hire not enough to end contract, Introduction of “INNOMINATE TERM” Definition)

CASE 10: “SINOE” 1972 Overseas Transportation v Mineralimportexport. (Cesser Clause, Lien not enfoceable, Charterers’Liability, Lien enforceable/effective.)

CASE 11: CUNARD CARRIER 1979 (Lien Enforceable)

CASE 12: “SAXON STAR” 1958 Adamastos Shipping v Anglosaxon Petroleum. (Consecutive Voyages, Seaworthiness applicable to loaded and ballast trips)

CASE 13:  “ONISIMOS” 1971  Salamis Shipping v Edm van Meerbeeck.  (Gencon Strike Clause,   ‘Consequences of any Strike’)

CASE 14: “TRITON LARK” 2011 Pacific Basin v Bulkhandling Handymax. (T/C, Employment order(Routing), Refusal of order, “objectively reasonable judgment”) 

CASE 15: “OCEAN VICTORY” 2013 Gard Marine v China National Chart. And Daiichi. (Unsafe Port, “Simultaneous Coincidence”, “Abnormal Occurrence”)

CASE 16: “EASTERN CITY”  1958  Leeds Shipping Co v Societe Francaise Bunge. (Definition   an “abnormal occurrence”)

CASE 17: “ZENOVIA” 2009 IMT Shipping v Changsung Shipping, (T/C, Qualified Redelivery Notice, Performing an intermediate voyage)

CASE 18: “ASTRA” 2013   Kuwait Rocks Co v AMB Bulkcarriers Inc – (Punctual hire payment is a “Condition”)

CASE 19: “SPAR CAPELLA/ VEGA/DRAGON” 2015  Spar Shipping v Grand China, (T/C,    Payment of hire declared as NOT a “CONDITION’)

CASE 20: “HILL HARMONY” 2001 Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha v Whistler International, (T/C, Time charterers orders, Routing considered as “employment order”)

CASE 21: “IOANNA” 1985  Ocean Glory v P.V Christensen, (T/C, Claim for Reduced Speed, Saved quantity of fuel to be credited and partly set-off days lost)

CASE 22: “SNEE v PRESCOTT” 1743  (The first reported case for endorsement/assignment of a B/L showing establishment of negotiability by the 18th century)

CASE 23: Uckbarrow V Mason (Bills of Lading as Negotiable and Transferable Documents)

CASE 24: “SCRUTTONS Ltd v MIDLAND Silicones Ltd” 1962  (Cargo damaged by negligence of Stevedores, B/L Limitation of Liability, Privity of Contract)

CASE 25: Seatrade Group V Hakan Agro, MV Aconcagua Bay – 2018 (Always Accessible)

CASE 26: ROWAN” 2011  Transpetrol Maritime v SJB (Marine Energy) – (Breach of Oil Major Approval clause, “Tbook”)

CASE 27: “ADDAX” vs “ARCADIA PETROLEUM” 2000  (Oil trade, Hedging loss Claim)

CASE 28: “NARMADA SPIRIT” 2010 Glencore Energy UK v Transworld Oil – (Oil Trade, Non-delivery Claim, Direct Damage, Reduced loss by Hedging)

CASE 29: “GRIFFON” 2013 Griffon Shipping  v  Firodi Shipping – S+P, (Cancellation, 10% deposit plus compensation.)

CASE 30: “JOHANNA OLDENDORFF” 1973,  Oldendorff v Tradax – (Commencement of Laytime)

CASE 31: HAPPY DAY” 2002   Glencore v. Flacker Shipping – (Commencement of Laytime)